Titanium Semi-welded Plate Evaporator for Calcium Chloride

Shineheat Titanium Semi Welded Plate Evaporator work for Calcium Chloride production
Titanium Semi-welded Plate Evaporator for Calcium Chloride  

The Job Description:
In order to increase the concentration of 46% Calcium Chloride from 60 to 73 by vacuum Steam at 85
In view of processing Calcium Chloride flow rate is 15000kg/h, which need 3092kg/h Steam in Vacuum Condition after thermal calculation.
We need larger connection (above DN400) size in Steam Side for reasonable connection flow velocity and the CaCl2 side is choice for DN150 connections.
The main concerns for plate heat exchanger selection,
  1. Big difference connections sizes of two sides;
  2. Vacuum Steam of Hot Side;
  3. Plate and Gasket Material selection for 46% CaCl2;
  4. Compact Plate Heat Exchanger Structure for limited space.
SHINEHEAT’s engineer offer an optimal solution by consideration all above concerns. We select Titanium Semi-welded Plate type of Evaporator for this Job.
The working Process is as following

The General Drawing for Plate Evaporator
  • Vacuum Steam goes DN400 inlet in view of big volume;
  • Steam Condensate outlet at DN100 by fully condensate water;
  • CaCl2 has two inlets at DN150 for better heat transfer;
  • Vapor and Concentrate could separate at special outlet as to drawing.

The Welding of Titanium Semi welded Plates Pack
The Titanium Plate Welding is carried out by Auto Laser Welding Facilities,

NDT Inspections execute PT and Water Hydraulic Test

Now this Titanium Semi-welded Plate Evaporator had successfully finished commissioning at site, and will continue its duty in next 5 to 10 years.
 This project reflects outstanding Engineering Capacity of SHINEHEAT team.