Sulphuric Acid Cooler-Hastelloy C276 Plate Heat Exchanger Delivery

For Sulphuric Acid Cooler in Chemical Plant, 98% H2SO4 Cooled by Cooling Water
It is regular process in Chlor-Alkali Plant. However, it need high quality Hastelloy C276 Plate and Gasket. For C276 Plate Sheet, Shineheat use imported material from HUNRINGTON ALLOYS CORP, USA.
For Gasket, we use "VITON G" Material from DUPONT,USA.

Now we just make a detail view for our production which is ready to delivery to Chlor-Alkali Plant.

In view of Hot side is 98.0% Sulphuric acid which has high corrsion, the connection Nuzzle and Flange we choice AISI316L material, and also need qualfied welding at Connection Ling.
Enough length of Carry and Guaid Bar (Enough Frame Margin) is  concern for convenient maintanence, service; it is also the key consideration for Future Capacity Expansion by adding more plates.

In view of long transporation by shipment, so internal protection from Humidity is playing a important role in Package.
The clear Marking at Carton also couldn't ignore in Packing Procedure